Today, I did my last teaching practice.
A teacher from my uni came to observe me.
She is an Asian American and looks cute,
so I couldn't focus on my teaching. (j/k)
My students were like, "Is she your girlfriend?" haha
That kind of saying is universal, isn't it

I taught a reading session.
My coordinator teacher told me how to teach the passage at the last minute,
so I couldn't do it very well.
I felt sorry for him.
Me and my coordinator teachers thought that I could have done much better,
but my professor said it went very well.
Although my friend told me that she is very critical,
I am happy that she was not so strict.

Let me reflect on my teaching practice with some feedback from my coordinator teacher.
I will write down some feedback from my professor later.

I need to
・stop saying "OK"
・check their concepts instead of saying the words
・have them negotiate more
・use examples related to the topic

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. cop (in a newspaper)
= to receive or suffer sth unpleasant
2. [amber] ale (in a newspaper)
= beer
3. swoop (in a newspaper)
= an act of arriving somewhere or attaching sth/sb in a way that is sudden and unexpected

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