As I said yesterday, I will talk about my terrible eating habits.
Since I decided to pay for everything myself without any support from my family,
the only cost cutting I can do is on food.

These days, I cannot seem to stop eating more.
Is it because of my stressful life?
Tonight, after eating instant noodles, I went out and buy wine and potato chips.
I've found that SMITH's produce some limited editions
such as 'Crispy Bacon' and 'Meat Pie and Sausages'.
However, my favourite is still 'Thai Sweet Chilli'.

Smith+s[1]_convert_20110927073414[1] (from goodle)

Here is my staple diet. haha
Breakfast: four slices of bread and some coffee
Lunch: instant noodles (mainly Korean ones), apples or two cheese burgers.
Dinner: four slices of bread and/or instant noodles and/or chips or cookies
Supper: Instant noodles (sometimes)

This is the way I (barely!) survive in a foreign country. haha
Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. check sth out (in a newspaper)
= to look at or examine sth that seems interesting or attractive
2. bloke (in a newspaper)
= a man
3. rock up (in a newspaper)

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