I played tennis with my friend from China.
He is living in the tallest building in Chinatown.
There are some tennis courts as well as a pool with a spa in it.
I really envy him.
I hadn't played tennis for around 1.5 years,
so I felt like I had lost a sense of distance.
However, it was OK since we were playing for fun.

An old man and a young child came to the court.
The man asked us to join them, and all of sudden, intensive training started.
He was really a hot-blooded coach.
He was like 'Come on, Ken! Show me what you can do!! Run run run!!!'
I was supposed to play for one hour, but I ended up playing for three hours.
It was unexpected, but it was really fun.

My goal is to become a teacher like him,
but it'd be better to become a different type of teacher after some self evaluation. haha

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. DIY (in a newspaper)
= do it yourself
2. nit (in a newspaper)
= nitwit
3. whoop (in a newspaper)
= a loud cry expressing joy, excitement, etc

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