I went to a TAFE to have my hair cut.
It was a part of a student's training and was free.

That was my first time going into a TAFE.
The beauty session was well-equipped and looked like a real salon.
THe students looked different from those at my uni,
which created a different atmosphere.
One of the teachers' hair colour was purple
with some greens and reds layers.

The person who cut my hair was a British guy with a Turkish background.
His attitude was not so courteous at first, but he cut my hair with care.
I learned some words such as 'bulky' and 'texturise'.
So overall, it was a good opportunity to experience something new.

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. vial (in a newspaper)
2. deception (in a newspaper)
= the act of deliberately making sb believe sth that is not true
3. woe (in a newspaper)
= the troubles and problems that sb has

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