What does 'Super Dry.' mean in Australia? (There is a period after 'Dry'.)
In Japan, it is a popular beer product from the company "Asahi".

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My favourite one is 'YEBISU' from the Sapporo Brewery, though.

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Have you tried them?
If you have tried Japanese beer, which one do you like

In Australia, however, Super Dry is a retail brand.
According to Wikipedia, 'SuperGroup plc (LSE: SGP) is a British retail brand.
Superdry products fuse vintage Americana fabrics with pseudo-Japanese text and have gained international recognition'.
It is interesting to read "Super Dry. - kyokudo kansou (shinasai)" on their clothes.

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It is the translation of the company's name, but it doesn’t make sense.

One day, my British roommate was like 'hey Ken, is 'Super Dry' a Japanese company, right.'
In my mind, there was nothing but the beer. haha

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. -clad (in a newspaper)
= (in compounds) covered in a particular thing
2. resolve (in a newspaper)
= decision
3. steely (in a newspaper)
= (of a person's character or behaviour) strong, hard and unfriendly

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