In Australia, football could refer to some different meanings,
some of which are different from football or soccer in other countries.
The AFL (Australian Football League) is very famous, and Aussies are really into it.
When there is a game, they get together and give cheers at bars.
A normal AFL game is equivalent to the World Cup in Japan. haha

ca_australia_afl_products-3[2] (from google)

Last weekend, me and my friends from China watched a match at a bar -
Aussie and Kiwi, I guess.
We reached the agreement that rugby in Oz is not like a true sport.

Their rules are totally different from ours and international ones.
There were many tussles, and it was more like wrestling or fighting.
It was more about power rather than strategies.
Long run was really fascinating though!

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. glue (in a newspaper)
2. ole (in a newspaper)
= old
3. suck it up (in a newspaper)
= to accept sth bad and deal with it well, controlling your emotions

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