As soon as I handed in my mid-term assignments, I got my final assignments.
Give me a break!! haha
This happened because we have only six weeks left.
I've got three so far, and another one is coming later.
Let me show you one of them here.

'Language Development'
Task 2: Learning Analysis (report)
It consists of two parts as I show below.
Each answer is only 1,200-1,500 words in length,
but I have to read at least 10 articles and/or published works

[Question 1]
Consider how the following factors influence the learner’s L2 development:

i) the similarities and differences between L1 and L2 (and across cultures)
ii) psychological factors
iii) social factors.
iv) provide one paragraph of advice to assist the learner in her/his formal and informal learning of L2.

I will work on a Korean student’s case.

[Question 2]
Write a critical review of one of the following papers.
I am going to read about classroom silence at Japanese universities.

I am interested in both topics, but it will take me forever. haha

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. swipe (in a newspaper)
= to pass a plastic card, such as a credit card, through a special machine that is able to read the information that is stored on it
2. dodgy (in a newspaper)
= seeming or likely to be dishonest
3. shonk (in a newspaper)

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