Me and my friend went to a new Japanese restaurant, Menya Oiden, in CBD.
It is located next to another Japanese restaurant, Menya Mappen, as well as Pepper Lunch.
This area is a full of Japanese places, isn't it?

'Oiden' seems to be in the same group as the Menya Mappen
since it follows the same concept as Mappen, and their interior is very similar.
But, it serves piping hot Japanese rice bowls instead of udon bowls like Mappen.
When I first saw their menu, I didn't notice anything strange.
The names were written down the opposite way, so we had to read the letters from right to left.

111_convert_20111021062246[1] (from google)

IMG_0098_convert_20111021062551[1] (from google)

I ordered Oroshi Beef Bowl as well as some side dishes. ($5.90)
The taste was almost the same as a chain bowl restaurant, Matsuya, in Japan.
The price was reasonable, too.

Menya Oiden
(02) 9999 9999
537-551 George Street, Sydney

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. lust (in a newspaper)
= very strong sexual desire, especially when love is not involved
2. acne (in a newspaper)
= a skin condition marked by numerous red pimples resulting from inflamed sebaceous glands
3. ka-ching (in a newspaper)

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