Today, I bought a bottle of ‘Love One’water.
It says that 100 % of their profits are going to be donated to developing countries.
Their catchphrase is ‘When you drink one, the world drinks too'.
If you are interested, please check their website. http://www.onedifference.org/au

This reminds me of water in Australia.
I hear that it is a very serious problem not only in Japan, but also in Sydney.
Since I don’t live with an Aussie family, my water usage is not limited.
My shower is super short though. haha
At my uni, a poster from the company 'Sydney Water' says,
‘A dripping tap will waste seven buckets of water in one day. Save it!’

An article I read states that Japan ranks second as the country with the most water wastage.
To what extent are Aussies aware of water usage?
How about in your country

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. mistress (in a newspaper)
= a woman in a position of authority or control
2. spicy (in a newspaper)
3. stifle (in a newspaper)

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