After I finished my mid-term assignment, I became a mere shadow of my former self.

I have another end-term assignment.
I have to read three articles first.
After that, I need to write down some reflections from my teaching practice.
I don't remember it very well. haha
Let me write it down here.

'Professional Practice 2'
Task : Journal
1. A description of the class observed or taught, including some detailed infomation.
2. An analysis of a critical incident, which occurred during your practicum. (1000 words).
3. A description and analysis of two lessons: one with which you considered reasonably/very effective and one which was less successful. When comparing the two lessons, analyse the reasons for your feelings and judgments. (2000 words).
4. Include your microteaching lesson plans from the practicum workshops.

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. sci-fi (in a newspaper)
= science fiction
2. skip off(in a newspaper)
= to leave secretly or suddenly
3. nip (in a newspaper)
= to give sb/ sth a quick painful bite or pinch

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