This month, my landlord reopened his surf shop, which is downstairs from my shared house.
I was sharing with another person in a large room.
But one day I found that he had set up three bunk beds.

The next day, two people came and some days after two more people moved in.
I think three are from England and one is from France.
So, there are six in my room, and I am not sure but I think around twelve people in my house.
Since more than half are British people, I feel like where I am is not Australia.

I can't really take advantage of the situation.
I usually stay at uni until around midnight, so they sometimes go to bed before I get home.
I don’t have enough energy to talk even when they are watching movies.
They usually say something like, “Hey Ken, How've you been? Long time no see.”

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. (in a newspaper)
2. (in a newspaper)
3. (in a newspaper)

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