Today, it went up to 37.2 degrees.
I felt like I had a hot wind air-conditioner. haha
It usually comes down to around 20 degrees after this.
This volatile weather isn't like the weather in Japan.
Even so, my roommates from England say this weather is much better.
I wonder how awful it is over there. haha

In Sydney, they often say there are four seasons in a day,
so you might be surprised if you don’t experience this kind of weather.

According to the weather forecast for Sydney,
they have the largest amount of rainfall and the mean is 131mm in June.
January is the hottest month, and the mean maximum temperature is 26 degrees.
Conversely, July is the coldest month, and the mean minimum temperature is 9.3 degrees.

If you see just these figures, you might think this is kinda ideal,
but, in reality, the weather is full of ups and downs. haha

How about your place

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. calf (in a newspaper)
= the back part of the leg between the ankle and the knee
2. snort (in a newspaper)
= an explosive sound made by the sudden forcing of breath through the nose
3. beefcake (in a newspaper)
= men with well-developed muscles

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