The exam period has started in my uni,
and I can feel more tension in the atmosphere from the students.
I often see students here and there checking papers that they have prepared.
I don’t have any exams, so I wonder how they feel.
It might be very difficult to review and remember what they’ve learned for thirteen weeks.
Taking exams on the spot will reveal their understanding and ability.
Since I only had some papers and take-home exams,
I might be a lucky guy who can fill the gap by spending a lot of time reading and writing.
Actually I started more than one month ago.
It is a ‘longer pain’ though.
There are 50 desktops in an open area in the main building, but half of them are out of order.
If they had any feelings, they might be surprised and tired by rough handling.
I hope more students can display their abilities.

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. (in a newspaper)
2. (in a newspaper)
3. (in a newspaper)

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