I felt sick this morning.
However, I went to the beach 'St. Kilda' to relax and sunbathe.
After that, I moved on to the city, but I had no energy to walk around.
So I came back home and took a long nap.

On my way back home, I had trouble in finding the right tram.
My friend has taken me to many different places and explained many things around here before,
so I thought I had learned my way around here.
But when I acted on my own, I had difficulty in finding my way.
I feel that sometimes we need to fail at something
in order to learn something new from that experience.

In the evening, we went to a Chinese place to eat congees and scallops.
It was very delicious and I prefer Chinese congee to 'Okayu' in Japan.
It was hidden on a narrow street, so even the locals might not know the place.
So I guess information from friends is also important.

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. (in a newspaper)
2. (in a newspaper)
3. (in a newspaper)

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