This morning it hailed and was very cold out.
I went downtown in Kyoto city, but I didn't feel any reverse culture shock.
I couldn't even believe that I had been in Australia.
It was just like a dream.
I was able to assimilate into Japan easily and completely.
I guess it was because I hadn't stayed overseas for a long time and I knew what our society is like.
The city hasn't changed a lot either.

But there are some differences I noticed in Japan.

1. Cold
Although they have winter in Australia, it is equivalent to the coldness in Autumn here.

2. Autumn Leaves
I can see beautifully tinged leaves of red and yellow.

3. Excessive Services and Cleanliess at Restaurants
Customer services are too good, so I felt strange.
It was like they expected more payment although there is no tip system.
Many restaurants supply customers with a wet towel to clean our hands with.

4. Heaps of Tired People
There are many people sleeping on the train.
It rarely happens on the train in Australia
This makes me worry about going back to work.

I don't have any chance to speak English, so I'm afraid of losing my English skills.

Here are some new phrase(s) that I have come across in daily life.

1. (in a newspaper)
2. (in a newspaper)
3. (in a newspaper)

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